MAPS-3D: 3D Open Cell Porous Molding Standard/Hydrophilic

MAPS-3D is a three dimensional open-celled uniformly porous thermoplastic foam formed by the injection molding process. Compatible with any thermoplastic, MAPS technology allows complete control of foam cell size, porosity, density and also matrix polymer resin. Cell size ranges between 10μm to 400μm with porosity from 64% to 90% can be easily tailored.

■ Features

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MAPS: Porous materials

MAPS is the open-celled uniformly porous materials based on polyolefin.

It can be coordinated as a cell size, porosity, density and also matrix polymer resin. A major cell size range and porosity is 10μm to 250μm and 64% to 85%. And it can also be modified in hydrophilic although the matrix polymer is polyolefin.

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Cosmetic PU Puff

Cosmetic PU wedges and rounds are made with hydrophilic PU foam. It’s very soft and smooth hand-feel is a result of ultra-fine cell structure. INOS can supply this PU puff in bulk and in finished packaging. We can offer standard wedge and teardrop shapes and any custom shape you can envision. We also have global . . . → Read More: Cosmetic PU Puff

IPA absorbent

MD-300 & MD-3 is an open-celled polyethylene foam. It has good alcohol/IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) absorbency and durability compared to current hydrophilic PU foams. MD-300 is supplied in sheets, but roll goods are available upon special request.

1. Good durability for IPA when saturated

2. Very soft due to opened cell structure

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Reticulated polyurethane foam

Reticulated PU Foam is perfectly opened-cell through the special process of “Reticulation”. Reticulated PU foam has much higher air-flow than standard PU foam. As such, it is widely used for various industrial filters, i.e. air conditioner filter, water treatment filter, vacuum machine filter etc. Our parent company, INOAC, is the global leader of this technology. . . . → Read More: Reticulated polyurethane foam

Negative pressure wound therapy foam series

NPWT foam series is a bio-compatible reticulated foam perfectly and proven certified for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), supplied in both standard and anti-microbial grades.

1. Reticulated PU foam, perfectly open-celled

2. ISO 10993 Bio-compatible

3. Proven efficacious and safe using “Inos Silver” technology

4. Ester grades have special high tensile and tear strength

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Hydrophilic medical grade foam “SAQ series”

“SAQ series” is a hydrophilic, non-swelling, bio-compatible PU foam for advanced wound care. It is supplied in standard ” SAQ” and anti-microbial grade “SAQ-Ag”. These are typically used in advanced wound care. Our formulation and process technology affords a very economical solution for almost every advanced need.

1. Non-swelling when saturated

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